Dec 7, 2006

I'm so happy I can't stop playing!

A few weeks ago, a certain rather embarrassing circumstance necessitated that I change out my strings. The circumstance was this: One day, amid all the weather changes of late, I was in the middle of a lesson and my strings went horribly out of tune. While I was trying to retune my poor violin, M.K. remarked, "D string sound old." (Yes, he really does talk like that.) Needless to say, I ordered new strings that very same day and put them on as soon as they arrived.

Changing strings, aside from the annoyance of the strings settling, is always something I look forward to. Among other things, I'm always in a good mood after I put on the E string. Why? Because on the inside packet, there is the following inscription:

It makes me smile every time I see it; while it's not THE reason why I use the Pirastro Gold E, it's certainly a very important benefit!

As for the inscription itself, it sort of describes what next semester will be like for me: instead of "I'm so happy I can't stop playing", however, it will be "I'm so busy I can't stop playing." My performing commitments for next semester include my lessons (in which we'll be stepping up the repertoire considerably), orchestra, and a Baroque ensemble which will perform Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #2 (for piccolo trumpet, violin and recorder) and some other Baroque orchestra works. In addition, Contempo will likely be doing a quartet for piano, violin, cello and clarinet by Paul Moravec entitled, "Tempest Fantasy." And while I'm not signed up for the course itself, I'll probably end up involved with it anyway, just to take advantage of the opportunity to perform new music. I registered for classes yesterday, and in addition to the craziness I described above, I'm also taking a 20th century theory/analysis course. And over the summer, I'm going to have to study French and history/theory like mad in order to pass language and comprehensive exams next fall.

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