Feb 28, 2007

In which Devora gains a couch, loses a phone, and all sorts of other things

Hm, it's been awhile. Again.

My former adviser once advised me that, fast as time was going by at the time we were conversing, it was bound to speed up even more in the future. The future is now, and time has sped up ever so much more so. It is fast becoming apparent this semester that I haven't enough time to do everything I need to. That and there's a serious shortage of violinists around here this year, so everyone who needs one is coming to me. I would like to help them all, I really would, but I'm tightly scheduled as it is. And yet, I find it hard to say no to them all because I want the experience that would come with these opportunities........

But I digress. I'm supposed to be telling you all about my couch, my phone, and other things.

I had decided before I did my taxes that I wanted to use part of my return towards a couch. Of course, new couches in NYC can get to be expensive, so I did what so many people in big cities do when they need something: I went to craigslist. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, craigslist is a wonderfully useful website for anyone who is looking for something, whether it be a job, an apartment, a piece of furniture or a one-night stand. Or if you're looking to get rid of something, like clothes or furniture, or whatever. Craigslist has most major U.S. cities on it, though you'll have a better chance of finding what you're looking for in New York than Sioux City, for example, simply because there are many, many more people. So I went onto craigslist last week looking for a couch. I looked and looked and waited, and finally saw an ad from downtown Brooklyn to buy a couch for $50. Of course this sounded fantastic, so I emailed her right away. The couch was still available, was in good condition with no stains, pet residue or mysterious odors, so I said I would take it as soon as I could find a guy to move it. Another great thing about craigslist is that men with vans or trucks advertise right in the furniture section, so I found a number for a man with a van immediately.

We scheduled the move for Thursday night. Thursday afternoon the guy's wife, Heather, called to tell me their van was broken and could they reschedule for Friday night. Friday night worked, so I showed up at the girl's apartment at the appointed time. And waited. No man with a van. They finally called me back to tell me that they had to get a completely new van, and could they reschedule (again) for the weekend. We agreed to do it on Sunday. Meanwhile, since their track record wasn't very good so far, I decided to poke around and find someone else more reliable. The second guy I called was a college student with a truck who was free on Sunday. We agreed on a price and a time, and that was that. Sunday morning I got up and ready to go. On my way to the subway, I pulled my phone out of my jeans pocket to see what time it was and discovered that it wasn't there. So I ran back home to find it, but didn't. I went ahead to the girl's apartment, hoping that moving guy #2 wouldn't get lost or otherwise call me. I called him from the girl's phone to see where he was and give him a number at which to reach me. No answer. After half an hour of waiting, I was stood up a second time. So I went back home to find my phone, with no luck at all. Meanwhile, the girl got in touch with the guy who was moving her stuff out of her apartment, and he was available to move the couch Monday night. She communicated with him via phone, and me via email to set everything up. Half expecting that I would be stood up a third time, I showed up Monday night to discover that Danny, aka moving guy #3 and his helper, showed up as well. Danny is a rather jolly, aspiring actor, and even though his helper, who is retired, seemed a bit old for moving furniture, they got the couch out of the apartment and down into the truck in a matter of minutes. Then we all three squeezed into the cab for the adventurous ride down Flatbush Avenue to my apartment. At first, it seemed that it would be relatively easy to get the couch up to my apartment: all they had to do was take the couch down to the basement entrance and load it onto the elevator. This plan worked until they got to the elevator. The couch didn't fit. So the couch went back outside and in through the front door, up four agonizing flights of steps to the fifth floor, and finally into my apartment. Thank goodness for big men who bring help.

So now I have this lovely couch in my living room that is big, clean and comfy. After a mere hour of rearranging things, my living room was in great shape.

That just leaves the matter of my phone. It wasn't anywhere to be found in my apartment. I concluded that it probably fell out of my pocket on the way to the subway, except that it is now lost to the world. Luckily or not, I have phone insurance, so I can get my phone replaced. I sent in the paperwork right away proving I really did lose my phone, so by the end of the week I should have a phone again. Meanwhile I feel cut off from the rest of the world. But that's ok. The week is now half over, and it's only a matter of a day or two until I have access to everyone again. Meanwhile, I have been extremely busy with school and other various activities and have not had an adequate chance to fully enjoy my new couch. Nor will I be able to for many days, I fear.

What else? Oh yes, the 'other things.' The first OT concerns a very important NYC experience which I had for the first time last Monday: I tried my first cannoli ever. It was so good.
The other thing is that I'm doing this gig in the Bronx which was this past Sunday and the coming Friday and Saturday. It's at this Latino church which used to be a synagogue, which in itself is quite fascinating. But this gig is actually a recording session and concert of praise songs. They're all in Spanish and feature this mysterious guy named Zabdiel, but the orchestra is partly random, partly Mannes students, and partly BC students, so it's quite interesting. We're also doing a movement of a Brandenburg concerto, which just adds to the crazy mayhem of this group.
I think that's all for now. Time for another ensemble.

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