Jul 31, 2007

...Just tryin' to keep it in line

This entry might have been written farther into the future, but I wanted to make sure and get a blog post in this week so that you all will know what I'm going to be up to this month.

Which of course begs the question, "Devora,what ARE you up to this month?"

Well, for starters, I'm going back to Iowa for 10 days! In the words of Monty Python, "there was much rejoicing." I am very excited about this for several reasons. First of all, the purpose of the trip is to attend and be the maid-of-honor at my sister Riva's wedding. But since I will be around for 10 days, I will of course be doing more than maid-of-honoring. I have plans to visit several college friends, spend some time with the fam and even throw a wedding shower for Riva and her fiance, Joe. If you want to see me and haven't already made plans to do so, and I'm not already set up to see you at a wedding-related function, let me know! There is still time to set something up. (And Bubbie, I will reserve a day just for you! We can have Chinese for lunch like old times, or Zadie can make french toast like he promised but probably forgot!) :)

Also, I think I mentioned in my last post that I was looking for a new apartment. Well, good news! This evening my new roommate, Melissa, and I are going to be signing a lease to an apartment in Dyker Heights, which is a quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn that is a mere five subway stops from Coney Island. No end of fun in sight!! It's also about a 45 minute bus ride from school, and a 50 minute train ride to work in Manhattan, both of which are probably much more important than being minutes away from Coney Island.

Anyway, the apartment is in a 3-family brownstone, which is lovingly cared for by the owners, who are so kindly renting the second floor to Melissa and I. It's old-fashioned on the inside, with paneled doors, gorgeous wood floors and what appear to be walnut moldings around the windows and doors. It was one of the very cleanest and well-kept apartments we saw, and let me just say that the entire apartment search probably merits several entries alone. AND the owners are buying a brand new refrigerator to put in the apartment for us!!! Everyone involved has very good feelings about this.

I'll be trying to pack most of my stuff this week, around packing for Iowa on Friday, and am going to try and do a few things at the new apartment before I leave. We're hoping to be settled by the time school starts at the end of August, which brings me to the next Thing:

I begin my 2nd (and hopefully final) year of graduate school at the end of August. Right now I'm scheduled to take History of Jazz, a class that fulfills the music history requirement, which I had to settle for because 20th Century History is not being offered this fall. I'm also taking lessons, of course, and at this point am also set to do orchestra again, although I might agree to be involved in Contempo as well. I'm trying to keep my ensemble commitments contained this semester because I also have to take two very important exams at the end of the semester: the Foreign Language Proficiency exam, and the Comprehensive Exam, both of which are required in order to graduate. I would hate to have to stay an extra semester just because I didn't pass either test, so I'm going to have to brush up on French and make sure I know all of my music history/theory stuff.

Sorry there are no pictures in this entry. Very soon I will have Iowa pictures and wedding pictures and moving pictures and new apartment pictures and all sorts of other pictures to show to you so please pretty please please please please forgive me for not having anything to show you today.....

Thank you and goodnight.

(And, if you're in Iowa or are going to be, than see you soon, I hope!)

Title lyrics by The Killers: Read My Mind (Sam's Town 2006)

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