Sep 11, 2007

Update 1: Moving Day

The first of many updates! SO MUCH has happened since my last post.

Well, first things first. I moved out of my old apartment into a beautiful brownstone in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. It might seem like a minor detail, but there are (small) yards and trees and shrubbery and a degree of spaciousness which most other parts of the borough lack.

Well anyway. I rented a Budget cargo van and managed to drive it around without too many problems. My good friend Louis came and helped me, and I hired a moving guy off Craigslist who turned out to be really terrific, considering how heavy some of my furniture is.

What I didn't realize is how much energy and TIME moving actually takes, especially when you have to do it mostly yourself! In the words of Louis, "I hope I don't move again for a really long time!"

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