Oct 4, 2007

In which Devora has a bit of fun for a change

As I may have mentioned, this semester is busy, and getting busier. But rather than going into all of that, I'm going to talk instead about a couple of fun things I've done the past few weeks.

First, as you know, my birthday was a month ago, and while I rarely celebrate it anymore, I was harassed to such length by my friends and coworkers that I finally decided to do something this year. The original plan was to go to dinner the Friday after my birthday, but since no one could come then, and I ended up getting sick, we decided to push it back a week so everyone could come.

And everyone came!! We went to this Italian restaurant in Park Slope called Aunt Suzie's, and had an amazing dinner, after which the wait staff sang to me and had me blow out my birthday cheesecake, which was delicious.

After dinner we went to the promenade, which overlooks the East River and has a fantastic view of Manhattan, and walked and talked a bit. We ended the evening at some noisy bar in downtown Brooklyn, where we had dessert and tried to tune out the drunken revelry going on around us. It was a fantastic evening, and has inspired me to want to celebrate my birthday in future years as well :)

Last week, I was bumming around the music building before my lesson when I noticed a postcard flyer on a bulletin board: Kronos Quartet coming to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) the first week of October. As it happens, I am a big fan of Kronos, as they promote new music like nobody's business and are just generally amazing. And since they were going to be coming so close, and tickets were cheap, I called the BAM box office the next day and bought tickets with my friend Seth to go and see them.

The show was last night, and it was definitely one of the very most amazing things I have ever seen in my entire life.

I won't go into detail about the entire concert, but there were so many highlights!! The second piece on the program was entitled "Dear Mme.", and was the world premiere of a collaboration with Erik Sanko, a composer/creator/puppeteer. This piece involved a gigantic puppet, whose torso opened up to reveal a tiny little marionnette stage on which three little scenes were enacted to the music of Kronos. After intermission, Kronos performed the rest of the concert with this amazing Finnish accordian player Kimmo Pohjonen and sampling artist Samuli Kosminen. What they played I cannot even describe, it was so amazing. The quartet's sound blended perfectly with the accordian and the audio sampling, and what came from the stage was intense and fierce and beautiful and inspiring and so many other things ...

For more information on the Kronos Quartet, click here.