Dec 15, 2007

How to leave a Comment

Happy Holidays everyone!!

For the latest on what I've been up to, you should read the entries below this one. Meanwhile, it occurred to me that perhaps some of you have been inclined in the past to leave a comment and simply don't know how. So, just in case you want to leave me a note saying, for example, how much you love the recordings I've posted up here, read on to learn how to do just that!

1. Directly below this entry, you will notice the words "0 comments". This is actually a link in which to leave notes. So, click the link.

2. You should be taken to a page that says, "Post a comment on Day in the Life of Devora" on the left, and on the right should be a blank box in which you can type your text. Type your message.

3. Select an identity with which to post your note. Since most of you don't have blogspot accounts, you should just select the "anonymous" option.

4. Then click the big orange button that says, "Publish your comment." Your comment is now posted and is visible to anyone else who clicks on the link.

Note: If people have actually posted comments by the time you get around to reading this, the link in step 1 is not going to say "0 comments" but will reflect the number of comments that people have left.


Anonymous said...

Devora...I love the new picture of you...Unfortunaly the music isn't coming through to me loud enoug..My speakers must not be good ones..See you soon in DM Love Bubbie

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