Jan 10, 2008

Now's your chance to shine, and have the pleasure of saying what you mean

Hello everyone!!

First of all, happy new year. I hope everyone had fantastic holidays, and got to spend as much quality time with family as I did! Since I just saw most of you a couple weeks ago, I'm not really feeling the need to recap my entire visit back to Iowa. Despite a shorter stay, I managed to see just about everyone on my list of people-to-see, as well as doing some other things as well!

Among the highlights of the trip were getting some work done on my violin, which now looks and sounds pretty spectacular; reading two books, Confederacy of Dunces, by John O'Toole, and Lolita, by Vladmir Nabokov; getting some much-needed r & r; and, perhaps the most fun of all, fiddling around with Grandpa's new TomTom, which managed to amuse just about everybody who was in the car and that heard about it later.

Despite all the fun to be had in Iowa (because really, we all know how much I enjoy copious piles of snow), I really was glad to get back to New York. For one thing, I'm anxious to dig in again with my recital music (passed my recital jury, by the way), and also really get going on the Solo Violin Project. But most exciting of all is a new music performance with Ensemble du Monde at the end of January at Merkin Hall, which is part of Lincoln Center! I am really going out of my mind with excitement on this one, because it's such a fantastic opportunity, and all thanks to my wonderful friend Seth, who passed my name along to the director! Anyway, the concert is to raise awareness about Dharfur, and the main piece on the program was written by Sudan's leading composer, Fred Onovwerosuoke. Super, super exciting!

Title lyrics by Morrissey

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