Feb 23, 2008

In which Devora visits Carnegie Hall, and many other things

Hello everyone!

As always, exciting things are afoot and I have many interesting things to share.

First of all, that lovely snow-free streak has officially been broken. While it has snowed a few times in New York this winter, it has never accumulated. Until yesterday. It snowed and snowed and SNOWED on Friday, and there are still piles of white stuff everywhere, though some of it is melting away.

The first orchestra concert of the semester was Thursday. Despite a shortened rehearsal schedule, the orchestra performed admirably. Now of course, it's on to the next set of repertoire for the March concert, which is the second of a whopping seven performances this semester. We'll be performing Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, among other things.

Now, for some exciting stuff. Kronos Quartet, which I mentioned in October, played at Carnegie Hall on Friday night. I was excited like you would not believe, except that when I went to call the box office to buy my ticket a few days before the concert, they were completely sold out!! I was rather heartbroken. However, my friend Seth got called in at the last minute to play on a recital next door, in Weill Hall. He invited me and another friend to use his comp tickets, which we did.

Funnily enough, Seth actually got to meet the cellist of Kronos when they were both walking in to rehearse on Thursday. Seth is a huge Kronos fan as well, and is actually going to California in April to work with the founding cellist of Kronos. Current cellist gave Seth his most fabulous business card, and told him to look them up when he gets to California. Ah, but I digress.

The recital was given by Karen Parks, a soprano. She just released a CD, which is No.2 on the classical charts, and this concert was apparently promoting her album. The program featured music by African-American composers, and tastefully included several art songs in contrast to the spirituals. She was fantastic! Her outfits were fantastic! And Seth, who played only one song, was fantastic as well!

While the audience was far from being full, there was a very good turnout, and Ms. Parks got clapped back onstage twice to give encores.

Afterwards, Seth, Louis and I were quite hungry, so we wandered down the street to Angelo's Pizza, where we feasted on spaghetti e pollo cacciatore. We ordered the family size portion, and were all ridiculously full by the time we finished. A considerable while after that, we all finally made our way back to Brooklyn to turn in for the evening.

More exciting news: I apparently made a very good impression in January when I performed with Ensemble du Monde at Merkin Hall. The conductor likes me, and just invited me back for their next concert, which is April 2. The big piece on the program is Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht. I think the theme is Austrian composers, or something interesting like that, because the other composer on the program is Mahler. Anyway, I really enjoyed my last stint with du Monde, and am pretty excited to have been invited back. And the Schoenberg piece is a fantastic one to be able to say I've played.

Not much else going on right now. I am very busy, and am going to be extremely busy as of the beginning of March. My recital is about a month away, and there are so many things that are happening all around it! It's a good thing that busy-ness equals happiness for me, otherwise I might go to pieces!! I've also been in touch with many composers in the past few weeks, which makes me very happy; there are numerous performance possibilities for new and exciting works in the coming months. I cannot think of many things more exciting than collaborating with composers and performing new music, and can't wait to get my recital out of the way so that I can really dive in!

Well, that wraps it up for today. I hope you all are doing well and having a lovely time with whatever you are up to!

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