Feb 5, 2008

In which quite a bit is revealed

Well you probably won't believe this, but I was meaning to post an entry on January 27th. Why, you ask, would I have intended to post specifically on that date?

If you look to your left you'll see a concert flyer for Ensemble du Monde. They gave a performance the evening of January 26th at Merkin Hall, which is across the street from Lincoln Center. And I played with them!!!

It was a really spectacular concert. I must say, though, that Merkin Hall is not as large as I had expected. Nevertheless, the audience was about half full, which is pretty good considering that the New York Philharmonic was doing a concert right across the street!

We premiered a piece by an African composer, "FredO," who wrote a Meditation for Darfur. It was a very moving experience, both for the performers and the audience, who, for at least a minute after the piece had finished, sat in silence because they did not know how to acknowledge such a powerful work.

The rest of the concert consisted of Copland's Appalachian Spring and de Falla's El Amor Brujo. The soloist was Lori Kaye, and she was fabulous!!!

The whole experience was very exciting to me for many reasons. First, it was Merkin Hall, playing contemporary music with a professional ensemble. In addition to that, though, I had the privilege of meeting the composer. He came to some of the rehearsals, and we talked a bit about the piece. He's incredibly inspiring, and actually took a liking to me! After the concert he told me he hoped to work with me again (and no, I don't think he said that to anyone else).  Like I said, very exciting and tremendously good.

Since that concert, school has started again, and I am back in the seeming center of chaos, even busier, if that's possible, than last semester!!
Three composers have begun writing for me. One has almost finished his piece, and is submitting it in a composer's competition. One is about half way done, one is just beginning, one hasn't quite begun yet, and yet another one felt left out  because two of his friends are writing pieces for me, so he wrote a piece too!! So now there are five composers, where before there were only four.  My philosophy class is going very well. I haven't had any experience discussing aesthetics, which happens to be the specialty, if you will, of my professor. The course is cross-listed four ways: as graduate/undergraduate, philosophy/music. So there is a fair mix of this combination, which makes for very interesting discussion.

Oh yes! One more thing. I now have a recital date. It is Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 7pm. Exciting! And stressful!

I think that is all of my news for now. Life is unfolding at an excitingly fast pace these days, and I'm sure I'll have more things to tell you about rather soon! 

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