Mar 19, 2008

aspiring to more than I can accomplish

Well, well, well. Life is so busy these days that sometimes I sort of forget I have a blog to update. That and so many things are happening all at once that it's surprisingly difficult to articulate what exactly I've been up to.

My roommate and I went out Monday night in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We avoided the sure- to-be- crowded Irish pubs, favoring instead a couple of laid-back bars in Park Slope: Loki Lounge (just down the street from Aunt Suzie's where I celebrated my birthday) and Sepia, which is tucked away behind Grand Army Plaza.

A few of my school friends came out, as well as some of my roommate's coworkers; though the closest we came to green drinks were apple martinis, a very good time was had by all.

In other news, rehearsals and most of the other big things going on this semester are in full swing and I am having quite the time attempting to juggle everything and still have time to practice for my recital *GASP!* which is now less than two weeks away.

The new music fun is starting up again. Besides the new music ensembles at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, I was recently involved with two pieces composed by my friends for the Electro-Acoustic Music Festival at school. One piece featured some stuff I had recorded for my friend a few weeks ago, which she then edited and looped as background music against a reading of Willa Cather's "Paul's Story" plus some live vocals. The other piece, entitled "Death Metal Simic," was inspired by the random poetry of Charles Simic, as set to music in a horribly mismatched rock band featuring Franz Liszt reincarnated (pianist); an opera diva; two wannabe guitarists; the future Charles Mingus (jazz player), and a metal head, of course. I think maybe you just had to be there, because I can't quite articulate what that performance was like.

Anyway. There is undoubtedly more I could share with you, but I have a recital for which to practice!!!

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