Jul 16, 2008

aaand I'm back

Hi everyone ....

Ok, so it’s been an obnoxiously, EMBARASSINGLY long time since the last time I posted some news about myself on here. Heinously horrible. I really must try and do better.

There is an oft-used adage that no news is good news, and I assure you that that is definitely the case here.

Well, a few big things:

I graduated in May. My mom and Riva came out to visit for the week, and we had a time visiting the Empire State building, Union Square (where I work), Broadway for a musical, Guggenheim Museum, and of course good food and visiting. Graduation day was May 29, and was very sunny and warm. I got a really odd sunburn on my forearms, but other than that greatly enjoyed the fact that I’m officially done with school for at least a little while.

I’m teaching college classes at Brooklyn College. There are 80 undergraduates who call me Professor Geller and with whom I discuss music. Teaching is turning out to be really awesome, and I’m really excited that they are starting to apply the concepts that I am explaining. Today we discussed famous classical pieces which are prominent in mass media, and by my own estimation (judging, in other words, from the sheer number of hands that were raised between the two classes), class participation was around 70%. My advisor is excited at my delight in what I’m doing, and thinks I’ve found my calling.

While there are still many other things I still want to do as a grown-up adult, I do enjoy teaching. And the subsequent boost to my ego which results from so many people calling me Professor doesn’t hurt anything at all!

What’s next: At this point many things are up in the air. With any luck I’ll get to continue teaching at Brooklyn College, but since I’m not full-time faculty, I would only get, at most, three classes per semester, the money from which is not quite enough to make all the ends meet. Unfortunately. Once September rolls around, I’m going to be working on building my teaching studio. Between now and then I’ve begun rehearsing music for my friend Moshe, a fabulous composer whose piece B’dameyich Cha’yi you can find at the top of this blog. Anyway. Moshe is going to present a recital of his music in the fall, and in the meantime is working on getting some good recordings of his pieces, which he is ultimately planning to distribute independently. Music from his rock band, Eden, is already available on iTunes. With any luck, Moshe’s recital will be a grant opportunity, which means we would be able to get money to keep performing and maybe also tour. So yet another thing I’ll be doing is learning how to write good grants that will result in people with lots of money sharing some of it for this really awesome project.

I am coming to Iowa in August. Briefly. For an extended weekend. But returning nonetheless. I am very excited to see everyone, particularly Zadie, who I think has promised (or maybe Bubbie promised on Zadie’s behalf) that there will be French toast. I haven’t had good French toast in ages, and it is definitely not for lack of opportunities to have it around the city!

Ha ha.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to returning for a bit. It will have been eight months since I’ll have been back, which is an admittedly long time. And I fully intend to show off my pie-making skills, so all of you who like lemon meringue pie (which is the only kind of pie I know how to make, actually), should start anticipating the homemade version. My recipe is pretty good, if I do say so.

Anyway. I am on the train home from Manhattan as I type, and in the process of writing tomorrow’s quiz for my classes. Back to the grind!

I really will try and be better about posting here. In the meantime, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life!