Dec 3, 2008

Here I am!

Geez. *looks away sheepishly* So it's been a really long time. A really really REALLY reallyreallyreallyreallyreally long, long time.


A close friend of mine wondered aloud over the summer how on earth I'd manage to keep busy this fall. He needn't have worried: I haven't posted in awhile, so I've been doing something. Right?


In October, my friends and I-- otherwise known as dfe-- played a concert at Yippie Museum and Cafe. I think I may have mentioned this in my last entry. I wore an awesome dress (pictures are below) and shoes, and performed well. Our concert was attended by Noah Creshevsky, a famous electronic composer and founder of the Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College. I thought that was pretty cool. Our show was a success, and we're planning another one in February at a venue in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) called Monkey Town.

The top picture is dfe: John, Nick, devo (me) and Marie. John's girlfriend Emily was taking a picture at the same time as Marie's girlfriend Dawne, which is why half of us are looking away in this photo!

Below is Marie, Elanor (an AWESOME soprano), me, and Moshe (in front), the now-famous composer I repeatedly mention on this blog.

Speaking of Moshe--and Nick--- the BC composition recitals are coming up the next two Mondays. I'm playing solo violin/electronics pieces for both Nick and Moshe, plus a piano/clarinet/violin trio for another good friend, Whitney. Last night I found out another bit of awesome news, and that is that Whitney wants to write a solo violin piece for me to play on her recital next semester. The Solo Violin Project lives on!!!

I have one private violin student this fall. She's progressing rather quickly, probably because she takes practicing and lessons so seriously.

As for the rest of my students --- the Harmony Program is progressing. The director has hired additional teachers, so I have lots of support for the violin class and also musicianship. This is a very good thing, because they're quite a handful!

As some of you already know, I won't be coming to Iowa for the winter holidays this year. I don't have a very long break from teaching the kids (12/23-1/4), and as I just got promoted at work, must stick around in case they need me (let's face it- they probably will). Also, one of the programs for which I'm applying is a DMA program in contemporary music. One of the application requirements is a 45-minute audition recording. I plan to scrape together previous new music recordings from the past few years, as well as record some of the Solo Violin Project pieces. Since this particular application is not due until January 5, I plan to record sometime around Christmas. Which needs I need to be here and practicing. Gah. I'll miss seeing all of you very much!

Anyway. Life is exciting and busy as always, and now it's time for me to catch the train and go to another rehearsal.

Happy December everybody!

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Riva said...

What a fabulous dress! Now if only we could see your shoes...