Feb 16, 2009

Hello again

The last time I wrote in here, I was awaiting my new oven. Wooonderful news: it came!!! And it is brand, sparkly-new. See?

I have done a great deal of cooking-baking in the past six weeks, and it has been terribly awesome. I made lemon streusel muffins this past weekend, as well as spinach-feta omelettes, Lebanese rice, and goat cheese and sun-dried tomato-stuffed chicken breasts. I've made shortbread cookies, lasagna, fish, chicken, risotto, gourmet mac 'n cheese, quiche, and probably several more yummy dishes I'm forgetting now. It's been awesome, though. So very awesome. And the oven has a light, which brings back memories of Bubbie's oven and watching cookies bake as a young child.

My new store opened the first week of January. It's clean and bright, with the only set of awesome red chairs in the entire city (really!). The baristas are great, my manager is super nice, and so far working here is proving to be an infinitely better experience than working those last few months at Union Square. And the new store is only three blocks uptown from my old store, which means I have the exact same commute as before. Terribly, terribly convenient.

The store has not been without its adventures, though. I walked in to work the first Sunday the store was open, to discover that a sprinkler had gone off and flooded the apartment directly above our store, which resulted in massive amounts of water gushing down the walls and windows in our hallway in front of Bank of America. So instead of having a relaxing afternoon maintaining a spotless store and making the occasional latte for customers, I instead spent three fun-filled hours sweeping water towards a floor drain, and scrubbing ceiling plaster and other muck out of our new tile floor.

Luckily, the super- intendent, maintenance guy, doorman, and several other men who work at the apartment complex next door/ above us came to help us clean up.

Teaching is also going well. My little violin students are progressing. One boy got his very own violin for his birthday last week, which was exciting for the entire class (the instruments belong to the after-school program, you see, and the students are not yet allowed to take their instruments home with them). The kids are learning and playing increasingly well. And they're starting to actually like me, which is perplexing and also strangely rewarding. This week is midwinter recess for NYC public schools, which means no after-school teaching for me.

But that's ok, because Thursday night my dfe friends and I are putting on a show at a place in Williamsburg called Monkey Town. We've been rehearsing string trios for the past few weeks in order to prepare. The show should be really fun. We have photographer and videographer friends who will be documenting the evening, so with any luck I'll have some neat pictures to post up here in a few weeks!

That's all for now. Time to get ready for rehearsal ....