Jun 20, 2010

In Transit

Well, how'do!

I saw most (all?) of you a month ago, while visiting Iowa, although time has sort of gotten away from me since my return to Brooklyn. A lot has happened since I've been back.

On the academic front, my professors kindly allowed me to submit the Rumshinsky project for both classes, which helped reduce my stress level a teeny tiny bit. However, due to travel delays, and my poor planning, I arrived back at my apartment literally minutes before my paper was due. Although I accomplished a great deal while waiting at the airport in Kansas City, I still had about an hours' worth of finishing touches to do; one of many nice things about being a graduate student/legitimate scholar is that professors don't care much if you submit big projects a few hours past the official deadline. I ended up doing *very* well in both classes, and am quite relieved to be finished with all that work and have an opportunity to give my brain a bit of a rest.

On the home front, we commenced apartment-hunting the day after I got back to New York, and signed a lease on the first apartment we saw. This may seem hasty to you, but good apartments get snapped up around here at near light speed, and considering our somewhat unusual requirements (5 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms/2 living spaces), we didn't want to take the risk of passing the place up and ending up on the streets when our lease was up.

It's a pretty nice apartment, located about four blocks from the current place. And, it's on the first floor/basement with exclusive back yard access, which will be a refreshing change from living on the fourth floor of a walk-up! The bedrooms are all slightly bigger, which means that I can actually fit my bedroom furniture in my room! In fact, just this morning it was moved from my storage unit to the new apartment, which completed phase 1 of the moving process.

The only drawback is that the kitchen is TINY. The stove is about 2/3 the size of a normal stove, which is a bit worrisome given how much cooking we do. I'm seizing the opportunity to further downsize our stuff, and am consulting the Better Homes and Gardens Homemaking book for ideas on maximizing space and minimizing clutter and chaos.

On a side note, a lot of the things in the BHG homemaking book seem self-evident. Why wouldn't you clean your home regularly, and develop a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule? Why wouldn't you utilize over the door hooks, storage drawers, and more to streamline your storage? Perhaps this comes from a combination of growing up with my mom and also living in New York apartments, which have inadequate to non-existent storage capabilities at best. Anyway: the book isn't mine, Nick found it in a stray box that was under our bed. Still, I continue to peruse it in hopes of stumbling across something of which I have not yet thought.

Moving day is Thursday, and we will be very glad when this whole process is over.