Jul 8, 2011

A year in bullets

So, it's apparently been over a year since I updated this thing .... !!!! Anyway, the past twelve months have been rather busy and eventful, to say the least.  You might say that R&R and self-preservation have sort of taken precedence over the few scraps of time I seem to spend away from work.

**BREAKING NEWS:  I am returning to Iowa during the month of August (8/10-8/16, to be exact) to visit the kinfolk, return to my roots, etc.   Also, Nick will be joining me for a portion of this tour to meet everyone and see from whence I came.

So, to assist with the conversations and general catching-up--because, much as I am loath to admit, I have become terribly absentminded over the last few years--I thought I'd give you all a quick run-down of both Nick, and also my past year.

Me first:

July-August, 2010

  • promoted to assistant store manager at Starbucks 
  • moved into a new apartment
  • discovered my Yiddish theater research had been accepted for presentation at the 2011 Society for American Music conference.  
September-October, 2010
  • commence fall semester of school,  registration snafus galore
  • I turned 27 (though I may very well turn 27 again this year ...)
  • had an incident with a car while walking to Nick's birthday, resulting in the tragic loss of a cake plate
  • received a Q4 bonus at work
November-December, 2010
  • return to Iowa for winter-time festivities
  • hung out with Nick for Chanuka/Christmas/Festivus
  • finished (barely) fall semester's academic obligations
  • work, work, work
January 2011
  • work, work, work
February-March 2011
  • commence spring semester
  • artistic differences with academic advisor
  • acceptance into a PhD program in musicology at the CUNY Graduate Center
  • presented Yiddish theater research at the Society for American Music national conference in Cincinnati
April-May 2011
  • attempted to locate a Maxwell House haggadah for Passover
  • finished spring semester (and subsequently dropped out of the Master's program)
  • work, work, work
June-July 2011
  • started making arrangements for fall
  • traveling to CO for a week's respite in the mountains at Nick's ancestral cabin
August 2011
  • separation from Starbucks
  • return to Iowa
  • commence PhD studies
As for Nick: 

Nick grew up in Tulsa, OK and holds degrees in music from Eastman Conservatory and Brooklyn College.  He has just completed his first year of doctoral studies in composition at the Graduate Center.  He has done sound design for several theater productions in NYC, and has appeared on such festivals as the NYC Fringe, the New Orleans Fringe, International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, and Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, chess, cooking, and perusing Wikepedia articles.