Jun 3, 2012

Hyannis Port and Moving

The semester is over, grades are in, which means that today I am frantically packing the last of our things in order to move to our new place tomorrow.

We're moving, and Nick and I are VERY EXCITED.  The new apartment is near Brooklyn College, and I'm thinking it will be nice to return to the neighborhood in which I first lived when I moved here nearly six years ago.

In and around the craziness of this apartment search ( BY FAR the worst and most dramatic one to date), Nick and I joined his father, grandmother, and her siblings on Cape Cod for a mini family reunion that involved all of us meeting a lot of the extended Biggs clan (Biggs is Nick's grandmother's maiden name) for the first time, eating lots of seafood, and, of course, visiting the ocean.  And, just because Bubbie asked, here is a picture of Nick and I--the genuine ocean in the background is free of charge :)