Dec 21, 2012

The Holidays Are Upon Us

*blinks eyes*

Hi, everyone.  At the moment I feel as though I just crawled out from under a rock.  I am tired, disoriented, and VERY NEARLY FINISHED WITH THE FALL 2012 SEMESTER.


The stuff in caps = stuff about which I am pretty excited.

In the past week, I have written 30+ pages' worth of term papers, proctored 4 hours' worth of exams, graded 60% of said exams, gave a kitschy presentation on "My Yiddishe Mame," and did something that is completely unprecedented around these parts.

I turned in one of my term papers a full day early.

Yes, you read that correctly.  For those of you following along at home, I finished a paper approximately 25 hours ahead of schedule.  I must be getting old.  In my old age, I am also writing longer papers, it seems.  I've written nearly 35 pages' worth of ... stuff.  You might be thinking that I would be nearly finished with the paper writing process.  You would be incorrect about this.  Of the two papers I am responsible for writing, those 35 pages only works out to one and one-third papers.  Since the second paper is not due for another week, and since I am still patting myself on the back for finishing the first one so early, I don't feel very bad about finishing up my grading and goofing around a bit before finishing everything off.
Thanksgiving meal.  Grape leaves and yogurt, turkey, mashed potatoes,
roasted garlic, stuffing, creamed spinach, roasted brussel sprouts.

Best. Pecan. Pie. Ever.

In and around the paper-writing madness, Nick and I had a turkey-tastic Thanksgiving.  We over-compensated for last year's tiny, broken oven by cooking and baking a week's worth of food ... which we consumed in a few days.  Our pecan pie, which we baked in Nick's cast iron, was SO GOOD that we had to make another one over Thanksgiving weekend.  Yeah.

This year I also found my menorah and what was probably a rather old box of candles, and Nick and I actually celebrated Chanukah this year.  We lit the candles every night, and he really liked participating in the process.   I made latkes and roasted chicken one night, also a hit.  Nick's favorite part, though, was learning how to play dreidel, even though he confused some of the letters.  It probably also helps that he won all of the chocolate gelt from our short-lived dreidel game.   
For all of you Midwesterners, I hope you have a VERY SAFE holiday season, and a happy and healthy New Year! 

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